Flow Cytometry

Flow Cytometry Facility provides a wide range of services in the field of cell biology and immunology. The facility houses one cell sorter and 3 Flow Cytometry Analyzers with wide range of applications in clinical and basic sciences.

1. Cell Sorter: BD InfluxTM

The cell sorter helps to separate target particles (e.g. cells, chromosomes or organisms) from a mixed population, based on the differences in morphology and surface topology/markers. BD InfluxTM is a high-speed system that provides laser-assisted rapid detection and sorting of target particles based on multi-parametric analysis. This system features a unique acoustical coupling in the nozzle assembly to reliably create droplets for sorting, while ensuring low shear stress to optimize cell viability, even at high pressures. To support aseptic sorting, the fluidics path is easily removed and replaced with the optional disposable fluidics kit. In principle, the system focusses laser on the fast-moving, stream of target fluorescent particles and photomultiplier tubes (PMTs) detect the emitted fluorescence and light scatter. The desired particles matching pre-defined criteria get charged and sorted while the uncharged particles are passed down into the waste collector. This system is configured with 5 lasers (488, 405, 561, 355, 640) that support 16 simultaneous parameters and 16 x 16 compensation. The BD InfluxTM system features 2, 4 and 6-way sorting, as well as plate sorting. The BD InfluxTM electronics support high-speed sorting and BD FACSTM Accudrop technology helps simplify sort optimization. With a wide range of applications including viability/vitality testing, ligand binding, cell hybridization, process development and/or protein engineering, this system is an important tool in biotechnological research.

2. Flow Cytometry Analyzers

Flow cytometry analyzers can be used to analyze physical and/or chemical characteristics of target particles in a thin stream of fluid which is made to pass through laser light. The desired target components like cell surface markers are fluorescently labelled and excited by laser, resulting in varied light emission that is detected by PMTs. The facility is designed for cell counting, sorting, biomarker detection, protein engineering, multiparametric analysis of the physical and chemical characteristics of cells. The facility is routinely used for various applications in clinical and basic sciences.

The Flow Cytometry Facility houses–

2.1. Accuri C6 (Beckton Dickinson): 2-lasers and 4-colours analyzer

2.2. FACSVerse (Beckton Dickinson): 3-lasers and 8-colours analyzer

2.3. Gallios (Beckman Coulter): 3-lasers and 10-colours analyzer

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