Electron Microscopy

The Electron Microscopy Facility houses Cryo-Electron Microscope: JEM2200FS; Transmission Electron Microscope: JEM1400 FLASH; and VolumeScope SEM with serial block-face imaging solution. The facility provides services in the field of life sciences and material sciences giving intricate details of specimen morphology, structure and composition.

1. Transmission Electron Microscope: JEM-1400Flash

Transmission electron microscope (TEM) is used in a wide range of fields, such as biology and material sciences to provide morphological and compositional information of samples. JEM1400 Flash is 120 kV TEM equipped with tungsten filament as electron source and highly-sensitive sCMOS camera. It can achieve high contrast imaging of biological specimens (including macro-molecular materials, tissue sections and viruses etc.) and material science samples (polymeric and metallic nanoparticles etc.) from low magnification (min. mag. 10X) to high magnification (max. mag. 1.2 MX) with resolution up to 0.38 nm.

2. Cryo Electron Microscope: JEM-2200FS

The JEM-2200FS is a field emission electron microscope which can be employed for biological and material science samples. It is equipped with a 200 kV field emission gun (FEG), piezo-controlled goniometer, holders for cryo-observation and tomography, in-column energy filter (Omega filter), and Gatan camera (K2 summit direct detection camera). This instrument is utilized for high-resolution cryo-electron microscopy, zero-loss imaging, energy-filtered imaging, spectroscopy for elemental analysis and tomography.

3. Scanning Electron Microscope: Apreo VolumeScope FEI

VolumeScope is a novel serial block-face imaging solution that enables excellent z-resolution from multi-nnergy deconvolution SEM combined with the efficiency of high-resolution cryo-electron microscopy in situ sectioning. The system offers highest contrast and optimal SNR with in-lens and in-column detectors for HiVac, as well as dedicated detectors for optimal resolution in LoVac. The VolumeScope SEM unravels the complex 3D architecture of cells and tissues in their natural context which is crucial for gaining understanding of the structure-function correlation in biological systems.
System Specifications:

  • High-Resolution Field Emission-SEM with High Stability Schottky Field Emission Gun
  • Resolution: 1.0 nm @ 15 KV; 1.4nm @ 1KV
  • Beam Current: 1 pA to 400 nA
  • Accelerating Voltage Range: 200V- 30Kv
  • Stage: Eucentric goniometer stage, 5-axes motorized
  • Rotation: n x 360°
  • Tilt: -15° / + 90°
  • Chamber: 340 mm; Analytical WD: 10 mm
  • Detectors: T1 (Segmented in-lens detector), T2 (In-lens detector) and ETD (Everhardt-Thornely Detector), LVD (Lo-Vac Detector), VS-DBS (Directional Backsterred detector)
  • Vaccum System: High Vaccum Mode (<6.3x 10-6 mbar) and Low-Vaccum Mode (up to 50 Pa-500 Pa) for charge compensation of non-conductive (biological samples)
Accessory Instruments:
  • Critical Point Dryer E3100, Quorum Technologies
  • Sputter Coater SC7620, Quorum Technologies

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