Sample Submission Forms


No. Details of Services Basis of Charges Academic (Government)Academic (Private)IndustryNCR BSC - NBRCNCR BSC - NIINCR BSC - NIPGRNCR BSC - RCBNCR BSC - THSTI
1Electron Microscopy
1.1 Conventional TEM Per Sample150022504500750750750750750
2Flow Cytometry
2.1 Analyzer Per Hour300450900150150150150150
2.2 Sorter Per Hour6009001800300300300300300
3.1 DNA Sequencing Per Reaction70010502100350350350350350
3.2 Droplet Digital PCR (ddPCR) Per Reaction100015003000500500500500500
3.3 Genomic DNA Extraction Per Sample250250250250250250250250
3.4 Human Cell Line Authentication Per Sample500075001500025002500250025002500
3.5 Mycoplasma Testing Per Sample4006001200200200200200200
4Mass Spectrometry
4.1 Fractionation on Strong Cation Exchange Per Sample8000120002400040004000400040004000
4.2 HPLC Per Sample200300600100100100100100
4.3 In Solution Trypsin Digestion Per Sample30004500900015001500150015001500
4.4 In-gel Trypsin Digestion Per Sample20003000600010001000100010001000
4.5 iTRAQ 4 plex sample preparation and processing Per Sample1600002400004800008000080000800008000080000
4.6 iTRAQ 8 plex sample preparation and processing Per Sample260000390000780000130000130000130000130000130000
4.7 LC-MALDI Per Sample600090001800030003000300030003000
4.8 LC-MS (Label free Quant.) Per Sample16000240004800080008000800080008000
4.9 LC-MS (Labelled iTRAQ/TMT etc) Per Sample500075001500025002500250025002500
4.10 LC-MS (QTRAP) Per Sample400060001200020002000200020002000
4.11 LC-MS Triple TOF Per Sample400060001200020002000200020002000
4.12 MALDI Per Sample20003000600010001000100010001000
4.13 Sample Clean up Per Sample100015003000500500500500500
5Optical Microscopy
5.1 Confocal Microscope Per Hour100020003000500500500500500
5.2 High-Content Imaging Per Hour100015003000500500500500500
5.3 Super Resolution Microscope Per Hour20003500500010001000100010001000
6Protein Purification and Molecular Interactions
6.1 Bioreactor (14 Litre) Per Day400060001200020002000200020002000
6.2 Bioreactor (7 Litre) Per Day30004500900015001500150015001500
6.3 BLI Per Hour200300600100100100100100
6.4 FPLC: ÄKTAprime Per Day4006001200200200200200200
6.5 FPLC: ÄKTApure Per Day5007501500250250250250250
6.6 High Pressure Homogenizer (Panda Plus) Per Hour6007001000500500500500500
6.7 MST Per Hour200300600100100100100100
6.8 Multi-Angle Light Scattering System (MALS) Per Hour200300600100100100100100
6.9 Multi-Mode Microplate Reader Per Hour4006001200200200200200200
6.10 Shaker Incubator Per Hour1001503005050505050
6.11 Sonicator Per Hour150300450100100100100100
6.12 Sorvall Centrifuge Per Hour300450900150150150150150

Terms & Conditions:

  1. All charges are subject to 18% GST.
  2. BSC-BioNEST-Bioincubator incubatees will be charged as NCR-BSC (NCR-Biotech Science Cluster) rates.
  3. Please note that the charges listed here include instrument running costs. The consumables (columns, plates, capillaries, sensors, TEM-grids etc.), sample processing (negative staining for TEM), data analysis (for microscopy facilities) and additional services like time lapse experiments are chargeable. Please drop queries for any concerns at services_atpc [at] rcb [dot] res [dot] in.
  4. Please note that for hourly services minimum charges will be for two hours and subsequently for each hour.
  5. Please note that FPLC charges will be additional, as mentioned under FPLC: ÄKTA pure & FPLC: ÄKTAprime.

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